Cycle 23, CD 2

So, all morning I’ve had “Town Without Pity” in my head, but I’ve been changing the words to “Cycle without Hopin.” That’s what this cycle is to me… the one that definitely can’t work. I mean, how could it? Cycle 22, 4 follicles, IUI, great BD timing and high progesterone = BFN, so a regular ole “who knows” cycle. No chance…

How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When these fertility treatments make true
What a cycle without hope can do

6 thoughts on “Cycle 23, CD 2

  1. it’s been only 3 cycles with the doc’s help (I guess I am somewhat lucky I cannot state things like “cycle 14” – since until I finally got to the clinic, I didn’t even have any cycles…)

    even without their help it takes 7-10 months to get pregnant at our age (I am a half-year younger than you are)

    so chin up – it’ll happen!!


  2. I’m a perma-hoper. We have to keep that hope, even when it looks like there is none.

    On that note: there is nothing wrong with little breaks for pity parties. Just set a few extra plate, we’ll join you, bitch and vent, and then tomorrow will be a better day.

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