Cycle 22, CD 25, 11 DPIUI, Spotting

So, I’m spotting again.  For those of you following along, you’ve heard lots about me spotting.  For any new folks, I spot every month before my period.  Once, I spotted for 10 days in a row and it was terrible.

I’m supposed to go take a pregnancy test tomorrow, and I guess I will, unless the spotting gets heavier, since “lots of women spot during pregnancy.”

I don’t feel pregnant though.  I feel annoyed and frustrated.  I’m trying not to focus on those feelings though, and I’m just exercising and eating healthy foods, working, and hanging out with my dogs (which are not dalmatians, but dalmatians are spotty, so therefore more appropriate for this post).

I have to make a plan to start IVF in July/August.  I’m worried about timing though, since we’d planned to vacation in July.  We’re not going too far away from the RE though, so if I have to, I can just drive in (about an hour) and then drive back to the lake.  Not ideal… but this whole situation is not ideal.

One thought on “Cycle 22, CD 25, 11 DPIUI, Spotting

  1. spotty dalmatians on a spotty couch 🙂 nice!

    I am sorry you’re spotting again 😦
    I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for you – and your test tomorrow

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