Cycle 22, CD 22, 8 DPIUI

So, the I could be pregnant/I can’t be pregnant thoughts have started.  Let me capture my craziness:

I could be pregnant:  I have been feeling very tired lately.  I’ve also been pretty bloated, and my stomach has felt a little weird.  I had 4 follicles, and a higher progesterone level than last time.  I had an IUI, so I know for sure there were sperm where sperm needed to be, and the RE said our timing was great.

I can’t be pregnant:  Other than being tired, I feel just like  I always do.  My breasts are tender at the same time they’re normally tender.  I don’t feel nauseous in the AM.  Nothing has worked so far, so why would this be any different.  I need to get ready for IVF.  Maybe I should buy a book.  What if IVF doesn’t work???

So, as you can see, it’s time for me to get a good book and get outta my mind.  Because it’s crazy in there, and nothing’s making sense.  I know Willy Wonka says a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men, but this is too much.

2 thoughts on “Cycle 22, CD 22, 8 DPIUI

  1. I wish I could share my frame of mind somehow with you, cycle buddy
    I am CD21 and 7DPO
    But somehow I am not questioning anything, I just live.
    Maybe because the f*cking progesterone suppositories are taking all of my focus on them. You should be SO GLAD you have your own progesterone nice and high!

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