Cycle 22, CD 15, 1 DPO

So, I’m 1 DPO and 1 DPIUI today.  I went to see Jane Eyre today.  It was pretty good, but I don’t really like that Mia actress very much.  She’s so wooden.  She is pretty though, and maybe I’ll start to like her more eventually.

The HCG is finally starting to fade out of my system, thank goodness.  I swear, I’m going to gain 700 pounds during pregnancy if I stay as hungry as I was on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Cycle 22, CD 15, 1 DPO

  1. i got my trigger yesterday but i am not experiencing any symptoms – no egg white fluids, no appetite spikes, no nothing… weird

    good luck to both of us, regardless 🙂

    PS Isn’t Jane Eyre supposed to be… not pretty?

    • Yeah, Jane Eyre is supposed to be “plain.” They did a good job of plaining up Mia, mostly by dying her hair… to almost MY EXACT HAIR COLOR, which is brown. Not chestnut or mahogony, but brown. They also put her in plain dresses.

      I only felt the trigger on Friday, thank goodness.

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