Just don’t think about… that ultrasound wand

So, I went for my baseline ultrasound yesterday.  An amusing/irritating thing happened while I was there.

The u/s tech is really nice, and we connected a little last time I was there.  This time, she was accompanied by a student who was learning to be an ultrasound technician (is that the right word??).  Here’s a recap of the conversation

Tech:  Is this your second or third time doing Clomid?

Me: Third

Tech:  I see so many times women get pregnant on the third try.

Me:  Wow!  You just made my day.  I thought about doing IVF this time, but I didn’t want to stress to get in the May-June cycle.

Student:  Yes, stress is bad for getting pregnant.

Me: *In my head, only.  I actually said nothing* ***Yes, yes, I’m sure it is.  You try telling your husband to have sex at the exact time of day to correspond with y0ur ovulation and see how relaxed you are.***

Student:  If you just don’t think about it, you’ll get pregnant.

Tech:  Winces and raises eyebrows.

Me: Dead silence.  ****In my head**** Yes, because it’s so easy not to think about getting pregnant while paying thousands of dollars to try.  It’s especially easy to forget about while having someone you’ve only met 4 times shove something up in your vagina with a complete stranger in the room.

Student:  That’s the way it’s always happened for my family.

Me:  Continued dead silence.  ****My awful, mean thoughts**** No matter what I think about, if my right ovary doesn’t make eggs, then no baby for me.  You dumbass.

Student:  *Uncomfortable laugh.*  I really hope you get pregnant this month.

Me:  Um, thanks.

After that, I thanked the u/s tech and got dressed.  When the nurse came in, I told her that she might want to let that student know that telling a bunch of women at a fertility clinic not to think about getting pregnant goes beyond ironic and into just plain idiotic.

5 thoughts on “Just don’t think about… that ultrasound wand

    • What’s even worse is that it was a girl. Guys at least have some sort of excuse for being clueless…. but you’d think a lady training to be an ultrasound tech would know better.

  1. I would have just put out the “for future reference, dont ever say that to anyone again. especially if they have fertility issues”. Not rude, but direct and they wont be forgetting that any time soon.

    • I should have said exactly that. I was so shocked that those words were being said, in a fertility clinic, to a woman currently receiving an ultrasound, that I couldn’t think anything other than “Whahhhhhaa?”

      • Ya, it seems to have become my fallback when people say stuff they shouldn’t. I cant even count how many times I’ve said that over the last year especially. “for future reference…”

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