Cycle 21… Still. CD 27, 12 DPO: IVF Price

I did get a quote today about IVF, but nothing else.  We will owe $3400 to even get started, then have about $1200 in meds, $250 for pre-screening, and $350 for something else I can’t remember off the top of my head, for a grand total of about $5,200.

That’s right, even with insurance, it will cost over $5 thousand dollars for one shot at IVF.  I can’t believe how expensive all this stuff is.

I’m either going to do the May-June cycle or the July-August; still waiting on a call back about that.  I’m guessing I’m too late for the May-June cycle since May 1 is Sunday.

Oh, still no period yet.  Just spotting.  Annoying spotting.


4 thoughts on “Cycle 21… Still. CD 27, 12 DPO: IVF Price

    • Well, the overall cost will still be up there (though I don’t know how much). This is just the price that we have to pay; the rest is picked up by my insurance.

      20 K sounds high! It’s amazing how much all of this costs, isn’t it?

      • I don’t know… they say it’s even more expensive in the States (my friends did the IVF thing in Canada… the insurance picked up about 60% of it )

        for me, so far, the journey hasn’t been too expensive, knock on wood…

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