Cycle 21, CD 24, 9 DPO: Question for ICLW-ers

So, today, I started my monthly spotting and feel exactly like I do every other month when the spotting leads to the period.  You all know exactly how much fun this portion of the cycle is.

I have a question for those of you who are here visiting from ICLW.  Would you go ahead and do another medically stimulated cycle?  This cycle was pretty perfect — 3 follicles, all big ones on the right side, good timing for intercourse, relaxed, etc…   My progesterone came back fine, and my E2 levels were normal.  So it all “looks” good, but yet… still with the spotting (no, haven’t tested yet, and there doesn’t seem to be much point now).

My reason for thinking of doing something different is that I have a lifetime max on my insurance.  I can only do $15,000 worth of infertility treatment.  After I run out of that, then DH has to add me to his insurance (extra $3000 or so a year), and then he has some money that can cover me, but that wouldn’t be until next year (Jan 2012) after open enrollment.

Am I just wrong for thinking that if medical stimulation was all I needed, then this would be the cycle that would have worked?  Would you do one more, like the RE recommended, or just take a break, or just move on to IVF?

My schedule this summer is perfect for IVF since I can set my own hours.

Any advice at all is appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Cycle 21, CD 24, 9 DPO: Question for ICLW-ers

  1. chances of getting pregnant – for a perfectly healthy couple – is about 25%, each time

    so overall, a healthy couple should get pregnant in about 6 months (something to do with the theory of probability… 25% for each cycles timed 6 cycles should be enough)

    my fertility clinic promised to get me knocked off in about 8 months – I am on CD of my first cycle now

    don’t lose hope!

    • Your clinic sounds so wonderfully optimistic! My RE didn’t make any promises like that, but she did seem pretty sure that I could get knocked up, even without ART. But, here I am, 21 cycles into trying for a baby and not even one positive pregnancy test. My DH says to see this as a process, not as a potential end point and that makes it easier to keep up hope.

      Thanks for your sweet comment! It is so nice to hear from other folks out there…

  2. first – definitely test. spotting does not mean a bfn. Elphie learned that on the good side of things, and I learned that on the bad side.
    About the treatments, I don’t know, because my problem is not with the getting it’s with the staying. But I say, first – wait until at least 12DPO and test. Then see how you feel about it. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Regarding your question, pure from personal experience (six failed IUIs, then successful IVF), I would say “move on to IVF”. In hindsight I really feel like the IUIs were a complete waste of time for us. But for others it works great, so as I said, my advice is very personal and not based on any medical knowledge or statistics or whatever. Good luck with making the decision. It’s horrible that money has to be a deciding factor though…

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