Cycle 21, CD 20, 5 DPO. Progesterone 13

So, I’m dead tired and stressed, all because of some crazy lady from work. I would explain, but it’s boring, and the point is: she’s crazy and mean. And, did I mention crazy? Well, she is. I barely slept last night. I’m so not good at conflict and have no idea why or how people enjoy being in situations where conflict is necessary and just part of life. Really, it sucks.

I went for my progesterone check today and I ovulated. Progesterone of 13, which the nurse said was great (anything over 3 indicates ovulation). I was dumb and read stuff online about how I was supposed to fast and look for a number above 20. I’ve decided to ignore all of that ridiculousness and listen to some good tunes instead.

6 thoughts on “Cycle 21, CD 20, 5 DPO. Progesterone 13

    • Ha, good advice about the not punching the lady. Punching in the neck only sounds good, right???

      I really need to stop thinking of random posts on forums as research is the real problem!

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