Cycle 21, CD 17, 2 DPO: Pencil Test Day

So, today my mom did the pencil test on me and the results showed…. big drumroll here…. a boy! Just one kid and it will be a boy. Or if you believe this interpretation, then I’m having twins, then a boy.

This is amazing news, since my mom and stepdad have been saying for months that they think I will have the boy grandchild! How did that pencil know???

Ha, it was done in fun and it was a good way to pass some time this afternoon before I went to see my other new niece (5 days old). She was pretty cute, but slept almost the whole time I was there. I guess that’s what babies do — sleep! Then, eat, then poop, then sleep.

Also, I have learned how to make links happen! This blogging stuff is getting to be good fun!

One thought on “Cycle 21, CD 17, 2 DPO: Pencil Test Day

  1. I can’t say I’m familiar with this special pencil of yours, but I like to amuse myself with all the stuff I really have no faith in. Congratulations on your future son 😉 (and twins).

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