CD 14, Angry Baby

So, if I put any real faith in the idea that my emotional state was really the most important thing for making a baby (which I don’t), I’d be totally worried right now about making an angry baby.  Last night, after “being together” at our scheduled time, I got into laying position, and just as I was about to fall asleep, DH started talking about how uncomfortable he was.  Then, the neighbors’ party went into high gear.  To make it all better, the sound was just right for the screaming of the monkeys (at the Zoo) to carry all the way into our bedroom window.  The dogs got all crazy and they woke up.  So, I woke up.  Mad.  So, so mad.

I just got up with the dogs so DH could sleep, and the little puppy threw up all over his robe and on the ottoman.  You can imagine how happy that made me.  Ah, yes, cleaning up puke at 1 AM.  A dream come true.

I decided to think of this as practice for having a crying baby spitting up all over the place.  That’s the only relief I can find in this situation!


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