Cycle 21, CD 6, Day 3 of Clomid.

So, the Clomid headaches have teamed up with my cold headache to make me feel like my entire head might pop, like the balloon filled with glitter in the new Target commercial.  Well, except not so pretty and nostalgia inducing, and a little more Night of the Living Dead-ish.

Also, I can only taste salt.  Really.  I’m going to have high blood pressure this week from all the salt I’m putting on food, but it’s the only thing I can taste.

My dog thinks I’ve abandoned him (the older one, the little one just wants to sit outside barking and trying to eat bees) because I’m home but not on the couch with him.  And, the plumbers are outside trying to fix my sewer, while I sit inside at the kitchen table, watch Sex & the City and try to grade papers.  It’s a beautiful day, but all I want to do is crawl in bed with a wet washcloth on my forehead.

Other random thought of the day:  All this investment in CM doesn’t make sense to me.  Today, I clearly have EWCM (also known a vaginal gold), even though I am not about to ovulate.  I mean, I know I’m not about to ovulate because my cycle is being controlled by drugs and I don’t ovulate until next week.  Is my body just that confused by all the medications???

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