Cycle 20, CD 27, 13 DPO

So, second day with no spotting (yesterday, there was just a little bit in the morning).  I found this great website that finally seems to explain the spotting to me, and explains why I’ve stopped spotting but haven’t started my period yet.  Sometimes, it’s just so nice to KNOW something, or at least think I know…

I have spotted, and it is not time for my period. Was it implantation spotting?

Implantation spotting is the exception rather than the rule. Sometimes the procedures themselves can irritate the cervix and cause light brown spotting afterwards. Sometimes when the uterus shifts from being estrogen to progesterone dominant you will get a little bit of spotting. Light spotting can be normal, but contact your physician with any concerns.

Also, there’s this as an explanation of why the spotting has stopped and then still no period:


I have questions about my symptoms or situations before or after a treatment cycle. My period has been usually light or heavy since my last cycle with Clomid or injectables. Or, I have not even gotten it yet, although my beta was negative. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal for menses to be light, heavy, or simply different, due to the hormone levels being different. Also, progesterone supplements can delay the onset of menses. Most women don’t start their periods until the progesterone level drops to somewhere between 2-4, which may take a few extra days.


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