Cycle 20, CD 9, Day 2 of FSH (Bravelle)

So, I’m almost done with all these medications and thankfully think that I have made it through with very little to report in the way of problems or side effects.  Giving allergy shots for 3 years made me pretty much a pro at the Bravelle, though I was a little nervous, for no reason at all, with the first shot.  Today, I was listening to my audio book… and barely even noticed I’d given the shot.

Thursday (day after tomorrow), I go in for my labs and ultrasound. I don’t have any idea what labs they’re doing.  I guess some sort of hormone.  I’m wondering about this ultrasound and imagine my ovaries being full of lumps that look like M&Ms, with the technician trying to count them and measure them, like a kid does with a handful of M&Ms, saving the green (or blue maybe) ones for last.

I’ve done some silly things today to help there be more follicles — kept my feet warm, exercised (but not too hard), drank whole milk (ick, who can really stand that stuff), and some gentle stretching.  Now, let’s hope there are enough–but not too many — follicles for that trigger shot and then some really, really good luck.

In other weird news, I had a TERRIBLE taste in my mouth yesterday and today.  I worried it was from avoiding carbs, so had a piece of candy.  It’s still there, not as bad, but definitely still there.  Maybe a side effect of Clomid?  Or, maybe I’m getting a sinus infection!  Who knows???


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