Cycle 20, CD 7, Day 5 of Clomid

So, all-in-all Clomid has not been bad.  I got all weepy Friday night, but that happens without the medication too, so… I give this protocol a thumbs up so far.  My headaches are still occuring each morning, but nothing a little Tylenol can’t fix.

My psoriasis is doing so great. I don’t know why, other than I’ve been sleeping regular hours and exercising.  I also have been using some organic shampoo/shower gel stuff on my face and legs (the only bad places right now), so maybe that’s the secret stuff?  Either way, I’m so excited to be doing this well in March!  By summertime, I hope it’s like it doesn’t exist.  It’d be nice to have a summer off from psoriasis, like I did a few years ago (the year I met DH actually).

I quit doing that Atkins thing as low carbs as I was (I was trying for around 25).  It just goes against all reason that I have to worry about how many carrots I can have.  So, I’m just being really good — avoiding junk food and exercising and still watching carbs, especially in the bread and dessert forms!  And, still done some; yesterday I thought I had lost 7 but today it looks more like 5 or 6.  I have a crappy scale that’s hard to read — good when I’m up a few pounds I don’t want to know about and bad when I’m wishing I could see every ounce I’m losing!

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