Cycle 20, CD 2

Baseline ultrasound today was fine.  I’m still weirded out by people I don’t know really at all shoving things up my vagina, but I guess I will get used to it all.  Today, the lady walked in, said “Hi, put your feet up” and as I was telling her about my somewhat heavy period, she just shoved ole Wandy right up in there, covered by a blue glove (weird — at my OB/GYN, they use a condom, I think).

Anyway, apparently my ovaries looked fine.  The nurse gave me my calendar.  I start Clomid tomorrow and the rest of my meds should be in on Friday, thank goodness, since I start the Bravelle on Monday.

I hope I don’t have too many side effects with the Clomid

Oh, and on the Atkins weight loss front:  I’m down 2 pounds.  Some of the craving for chips has subsided, though the cheesecake did look awfully good today while in line for my greek salad with chicken.

2 thoughts on “Cycle 20, CD 2

  1. Yay for down two pounds!

    I fantasized to my Hubby once that “some day the only person with access to my vagina will be you”. I thought it was pretty funny, but I think he forgets some times that other people are all up in my business all the time.

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