Cycle 20, CD 1 (or 2)

So, woah, that was a quick one.  I went from 9 days of spotting and 12 days of gut wrenching pain in Cycle 18 to one day of spotting, one heavier day of spotting with red stuff to BAM!! full on period.  So, here I am at CD 1 (or 2) in Cycle 20.  I’m counting this as CD 1 because it makes all this taking the med stuff more clear since I’m now officially starting ovarian stimulation.

I go for a baseline ultrasound tomorrow.  Hello, Wandy!  I’ve had those before when I had a dermoid cyst.  They made me feel like a boat and the sonographer was the one controlling the rudder — and man, was she making some sharp turns.  They’re not terribly fun, but they’re not painful.

Then it’s Clomid on Wednesday to Sunday, Bravelle on Monday to Wednesday, then another ultrasound, and a trigger shot.  It’s started!  Holy Moly, finally, something’s started.

Oh, still on Atkins and hating it.  All I want is chips, lots and lots of chips.  Salsa and chips, chips and cheese, sour cream and onion chips, BBQ chips… just chips.  Instead, I guess I’ll have another slice of chicken.  Bleh.

2 thoughts on “Cycle 20, CD 1 (or 2)

  1. I LOVE wandy!!!

    Hey, what happened with your cyct? I had to have mine removed but it didn’t have anything interesting in it. No teeth or hair, lol, I asked the surgeon to take a pic if it did.

  2. You know, I asked about the cyst afterwards, in the hospital, and the doc promised me a picture. He never gave it to me, and I forgot about it. I don’t think he said anything about teeth or hair… but maybe there was. Mine was removed, then the ovary attached itself to my uterus and had to be cut off again. Hence, the non-working tube on the left (site of said mystery cyst).

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