Cycle 19, CD 17, 5 DPO

So, I’m spotting again, just like last time time, 9 days before my period is due.  I go see my OB/GYN this week, so while I’m there, I’m just going to have to tell him that this can’t possibly be normal and maybe someone should say something to me about PROGESTERONE.

I’m completely sure that I’m going through early menopause.  Even though I don’t have any symptoms other than the spotting.  Can you count gaining weight, while eating tons of desserts and snacks?  Is that unexplained?  I don’t know, really, what’s wrong.  Perimenopause seems one explanation, but I don’t know what they’d do different, except give me progesterone, which is what I’m going to ask for.

My weekend away with the family did not turn out as planned, but we did have a good time.  I’m just tired today, but that’s to be expected I supposed.

Speaking of weight gain, I’m going to have to do something about this weight.  I’m going low carb, not like Atkins psycho less than 20 grams a day low carb, but I’m definitely staying away from breads, pastas, chips, cookies, cakes, and even, gasp, doughnuts.  I’m also going to hold fruit to one serving a day and just eat tons of vegetables and protein.  My goal:  Lose at least 2 pounds by Friday.

Oh, and I’m exercising for 30 minutes every single day, no excuses.  Hopefully, I’ll get in 1 hour three or four days a week.  Gahd, it sucks not being naturally skinny.  Maybe this is bad timing, since all that new medicine stuff starts next week, but maybe dropping a few pounds will make all this stuff work better.  I talk like I already know I’m not pregnant this cycle– I think somewhere in side of me I’ve almost completely given up hope.  Maybe seeing some follicles on a ultrasound monitor will turn things around.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 19, CD 17, 5 DPO

  1. I have to make sure I just dont have junk in th house. I have a very low junk diet normally, but if it’s in front of me on a regular basis…it’s going in my mouth. I just flat out had to stop baking. Cookies are my biggest weekness.

    And if you can exercise while watching tv then thats the easiest. I can get in an easy 45 min a day if I’m watching a show I enjoy.

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