Cycle 19, CD 13, 1 DPO — RE Appt Day


So, I’m going to write a before and after piece about my first real consult with the RE.  My first appt was mostly a “go get some tests done and come back” appointment, but this is the one with the tests already done and the RE should actually start us on a plan to get pregnant, a plan that I suspect will be IVF.

I’m absolutely terrified.  Elated, in some ways as well, but mostly terrified.  I was so jittery teaching my first class that I’m sure they wondered if that cup of coffee I had was my 5th or my 6th (it was my first).  I’m having a hard time identifying why, but I think it’s mostly because I worry that she WON’T say IVF, that she’ll instead say that we don’t have much of a chance or something like that.  My moment of great optimism has obviously passed.

I put on my most professional outfit this morning to try and make myself feel better.  It’s working — having people say I look nice is a good way to convince myself that THEY think I could get pregnant!  Ha!  Irrationality rules.

I have my entire day planned, lunch with a friend, drive to pick up DH, drive to appt, then drop off DH, come home and write the AFTER blog.  I hope by then I’ve calmed down, but I imagine I’ll come back full of things that need to be researched.


So, I’m so relieved, perhaps too much so.  The RE says that the SA came back great this time and joked with DH about becoming a sperm donor.  He had 239.2 million total sperm, with 51% in grade 3 and, post wash, 2 million, with 100% were still alive at 24 hours.    I got an overall good report too — all my bloodwork came back fine (no embyo-destroying antibodies!Yipee!), and my tube, the left one, is occluded.  But, it’s occluded in such a way that there’s no fluid build up and no problems because of it, almost like the tube had been tied.

So, what’s next?  Three options were presented:

  1. She said we could do nothing.  We could wait a few more cycles, then just see what happens.  Because I’m 33, healthy, and ovulate, with my blocked tube, I’m really only at half the time it takes “normal” couples (who are THEY, I ask you) to conceive.  (We’ve been trying since Nov/Dec 2009).
  2. We can do Clomid/Bravelle for 3 cycles with ultrasound monitoring and timed intercourse to see if we can get that right ovary to make eggs and catch that egg.
  3. We could go right to IVF, skipping all the potential problems with tubes and ovaries.

Because of my extensive research through blogging and fertility friend, we decided to go with Option 2 for a few cycles to see what happens.  Technically we hit the “fertile window” this month and have a chance without doing anything.  So, it looks like I will be writing a lot about my mood here soon as I give Clomid and all of its fun side effects a try!


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