Cycle 19, CD 4, 10 Days before RE appt

So, as I have not bled, spotted, or cramped for the past 12 hours, I’m pretty sure I can say that all the craziness has subsided.

As I type this, I wait for the lightning to strike my computer….

I have decided to not get an ultrasound done at all and count last week as a horror induced by HSG + stress.  I don’t want to miss work on Monday so someone can shove Wandy (name stolen from Elphaba over at yolk.  I should learn how to link!) up inside of me and say everything looks fine.  If the RE and OB/GYN thought I’d be fine to wait until Monday, I think I’ll be fine to wait until March 1.  If the RE still wants a peek up in there, she can do that when I’ll be there.

I decided I didn’t hate the RE’s office  anymore once the nurse on the phone told me that she bet I did feel frustrated.  Sometimes, I really think that’s all people want to hear — that someone is actually listening to them.  It reminded me of a blog that I read recently, linked to from someone else’s blog.  It’s a good post though, one worth reading, and written from a man’s POV, something I don’t see very often.

I obviously don’t know what I’m doing with blogging, since other people can just have one word and it goes to another page, and I have to have this whole address.


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