And on the 8th day of bleeding(more than just spotting)…

My RE and OB/GYN gave to me… lots of phone calls, lots of left messages, just to be told to come in Monday!

Yes, that’s right.  I’ve been in pain since Feb. 6, and bleeding (though not much ) since Feb 10 and the docs said, both of ’em, “hey lady, we’re busy, it’s the weekend, almost, so why don’t you miss work on Monday and come in for an ultrasound then when it’s way more convenient for us?”

Well, the good news is that means my discomfort and spotting-ish type but more than spotting since it’s bloody stuff is probably no big deal, and the even better news is that we have a great convenience care place where I can go this weekend, give them my money, and make sure there’s nothing wonky going on in there.  Take that, RE and OB/GYN!  (Ha, like they care since both of them make more money in a month than I make all year, most likely).

I have no idea how to count today, 1st day of Cycle 19?  23rd day of Cycle 18?  Something in between?  I’ve decided that once I STOP all this nonsense, I will count backwards 3 days and make that CD 1 of Cycle 19.    Either way, I count this as an absolutely horrible experience.  At least the nurse at the RE’s office was sweet and said she understood I must be feeling awful.  Which I am.


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