Cycle 18, CD 14, 2 DPO

So, I started to write this post and then saw a message that I’d been waiting for.  A friend I knew back in high school had a facebook wall covered in messages of comfort after she’d suffered a loss.  As the messages weren’t clear, I didn’t know quite what had happened.  The messages just before all these were reports of labor during the Super Bowl and a picture of her at 40 weeks +2.  I feared that she’d lost the baby — and she did, which the message confirmed.  The poor little girl was born with the cord around her neck and died.  I’m just devastated for this family.  What a terrible thing to happen.  Losing a pregnancy must be awful at any stage, but I imagine that at that point, the pain feels almost unbearable.

This news made the post I’d been thinking of writing seem a little silly — DH has to go in for his SA on Thursday, and he’s totally not a happy camper.  He hates having to be “on a schedule” for what he thinks should be up to “nature.”   I think he’s also a bit embarrassed — he’ll have to go by himself and it will be obvious what he’s doing there.  I know, I know, women like to think we have it so rough, with all the needles and ultrasounds and x-rays and general prodding… but I can totally see how his experience is going to be just as awful for him.

Anyway, if I’m learning anything about this process, besides patience , it’s empathy, that life is really about perspective and being able to see things the way others might.  I’d always thought I was empathetic before, but this entire experience is, hopefully, really making that even more a part of who I am.

Also, I want to make note of some questions I need to ask the RE about IVF so I don’t leave like I did last time — full of questions I should have asked.

The first one is, if appropriate, why can’t I do mini-IVF?  This sounds like a good plan:


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