Cycle 18, CD 9, Day after HSG

So, I went for my HSG yesterday.  The left tube was mostly blocked (“occluded” to the medical terminology minded folks out there).  The right one is fine.  This is not the official report, but it’s what the radiologist (not the tech, the actual radiologist) said during the procedure.

The HSG was really no big deal — from start to finish, I was only at the place for 40 minutes, most of that time spent in the waiting room.  There was some mild cramping during the procedure, and the cramps were moderate later in the evening.  Nothing a dose of 600 mg of Advil couldn’t fix though.

DH has been really awesome during all of this.  I’m saying this, here, not to brag or boast about him, but to have a “physical” reminder that he really does care and can be considerate, no matter what I might be thinking during those moments when I feel low or out of sorts.

I have an appointment set up for March 1, when DH’s second semen analysis should be back.  I guess we’ll make a plan then.  With subfertile sperm numbers, possible autoimmune complications, and a blocked tube, I’m 90% sure we’ll be doing IVF.  So, now, I’m going to find lots of blogs about IVF so I can really understand this stuff.  I’m starting to see why people love blogs so, so much.

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