Cycle 18, CD 2, 6 days before HSG

So, I’m officially stuck in everything is infertility land, probably brought on by having my period (why is the AF abbreviation so used?  I hadn’t said or seen that phrase since I was in 6th grade prior to all this fertility friend, babybump land.  I guess “having a period” is antiquated too?).  I’m driving along, supposedly thinking only about work and chores and such, and I choose this song to listen to… then decide it must be about not having a baby — she rails and raves against the difference between a sprout (the baby) and a bean (the idea of a baby). Then she hears all the tadpoles outside (kids playing) and wonders if she should go outside (join that situation).  I doubt that’s what the song is about at all, but in my head it is.

3 thoughts on “Cycle 18, CD 2, 6 days before HSG

  1. That song messed with my head a bit, I had trouble following. She’s got such a strange voice that I like it.

    I don’t know why AF is used (and it took me a long time to realize what it stood for). I’ve always referred to it as The Red Lady in my head. Maybe because I can picture it as a character with an ambigous vilain name. Sorry she paid you a visit.

    • I like The Red Lady much better. Yes, i can just imagine her, a cross between Jessica Rabbit and Cruella Deville, running about dashing the hopes of infertile women everywhere!!! Until, finally, she’s beaten by a giant FRER with 2 glaring pink lines!!!

      Thanks for the CD 1 wishes. I don’t feel that sad this time — just ready to move it along to the HSG and the RE visit to find out something.

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