Cycle 17, CD 24, about to be Cycle 18

So this may be a pre-emptive posting, as I am currently wondering if it’s time to go ahead and mark this day as CD1 and move right along to Cycle 18.  This darn spotting is hard to judge sometimes.  The good news — 18 cycles to other folks would mean 18 months!  For me, it’s just been 14.  Yay! for efficiency, right?

I took the initiative today, based on 2 negative tests in a row, a low temp, and the “heavy spotting,” if there can be such a thing, to go ahead and schedule my HSG.  So, next Wednesday, I’ll find out about any thing abnormal with my tubes and uterus.

My mom, ever the worrier, seems to think that DH needs to be roped into going with me.  As she has never spent time with him waiting on anything, this proposition sounds good to her and almost nightmarish to me.  He is not a good wait-er.  Also, as I explained to her, he will be 5 minutes away at work and can come get me if I’m in pain and need a ride.  It’s not like I’ll be hours away or something.  Plus, he can’t come in while I’m having the HSG done, so he’d just be sitting around in a waiting room somewhere.  Again, not what he would consider to be a fun afternoon.

Not that the HSG sounds like the best way to spend a Wednesday for me, but as I don’t really have a choice to not be there if I want it done…

I feel pretty good today, considering that yet another cycle has been a failed one and the next one will be too, most likely.  Maybe I’m just over the trauma?  Or, I think it’s just because I now have some hope that we’ll move to IVF or IUI or something that will actually give us a chance.

Do wish I had my bloodwork results though.  I guess I should just call and ask for them.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 17, CD 24, about to be Cycle 18

  1. Good luck. I personally recommend not taking the hubby along. You’re not going to be in agony, but take a pad with you for after (you may feel like you’re leaking…and you will be). Just bring a book or something to keep you company and destract you. My hubby came with me for one of my two and a it seemed a bit pointless.

    • Thanks for the advice. I’m totally not bringing him. Any pain I might feel would be exacerbated by hearing him complain about waiting around. Plus, he can just come pick me up if I’m hurting. We’re lucky that he works very close to where I’ll be having the HSG.

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