Cycle 16, CD 15, 5 DPO

So, this is the part of the cycle where I think, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, this will be it.  We’ll have it this time and have one of those stories about how we were so sure we’d have to do all that stuff, the IUI, the IVF, the loans.

I still can’t believe the SA came back abnormal.  So many times, I’ve cried and been upset, thinking that DH would like me less because we’re not pregnant, but now I know that he didn’t feel any different about me, just like I don’t feel any different about him.  Still have to get me checked out; will make an appt on Jan. 3.

I need to stay grounded and realize that I’m so not going to have that story.  We have only 5.07 million sperm per ejaculate, which is not much, when 40 million is expected.

I wonder if DH will go ahead and see the urologist, even before I see the RE.


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