Cycle 15, CD 7

So, I’m supposed to be working on this huge project that’s due TOMORROW, one that I’m just getting started on. But instead, I’m sitting here feeling sad.  I feel sad about things with DH (he’s been distant and stressed and hard to read), and I feel sad about all of this.  I’m just so tired of the every month hoping thing.  I know, I know, I posted the Dickinson poem and I’m supposed to remember that hope is good and it doesn’t really ask much of you.  But that doesn’t make me any less tired of it.

I’m completely dreading the holidays.  Absolutely, positively dreading it.  It will be all about my nieces and my niece’s pregnancy.  Oh, and DH”s sisters will be weird and standoffish and probably say lots of under-the-breath, sideways awful things.

Thank goodness for Harry Potter movie day to make me feel a little bit better.

When I come home, it’s on!  I’ve got to get this project done and I will.  I know I will because I HAVE TO! Ha.


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