Cycle 13, CD 14

Well, I went to the doctor last night for a UTI and am now taking Macrobid.  So, I’m currently taking Prenatals, Super B Complex, a baby aspirin, pyridium, and Macrobid.  That’s a lot and my stomach is not liking it at all.

I feel fine other than being tired and icky feeling from the UTI.

They did a pregnancy tests (urine) last night at the doctor’s office and, surpise, it was negative!  Dur.  I’m only like 3 or 4 days past ovulation. If it’d been positive, I would have been floored and worried.

My Magic 8 Ball app says that “Yes, Definitely” I’ll be pregnant this month.  It’s on, predictor ball!!

I’m only taking the aspirin until Oct. 12.


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