Cycle 13, Day 5 of Soy, CD 6

Today will be my last day of soy.  I’ll start my B-Complex tomorrow, then do that plus baby aspirin once I’ve ovulated.  I’m also concentrating on having lots of vegetables, fruits, and calcium, at least until a few days after  ovulation.  So far today, no meat.  I’ll probably have some tonight for dinner and then again for dinner tomorrow, but that’s it.

No headache  today.  A little tired, but I had an early morning.  My stomach is a little upset–but lots of vegetables could account for that.

In summary, so far, I don’t feel any different from taking the soy.  That means no side effects, but I wonder if it also means it’s not working?  Only time will tell… 20 days to be exact (or really to be approximate).


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