Cycle 13, Day 3 of Soy, CD 4

I’m not doing a great job keeping up with what day of the cycle I’m on, which is actually good.  It means I’m not being too obsessive.  Since I do want to keep track of this Soy experiment, I looked it up — I’m on CD 4.  This will be my 3rd dose of Soy Isoflavones.

So far, I’ve not noticed one bit of difference in how I feel.  I had a headache today, but it was just like the headaches I’ve been having because of the weather/sinuses.  My period was REALLY heavy Sunday night (CD 2), lots of clots and bright red blood.  But then, it was over.  I started the soy that night, so the short period/heavy period didn’t have anything to do with the soy.

I am taking about 80 mg of the soy isoflavones, with 200 mg total of the soy.

I went to visit my rheumatologist today and he was very encouraging about staying on the Humira while pregnant and breastfeeding.

I left myself look at baby stuff today in the IKEA magazine and on the Gap website.  It’s good to remember why I’m going through all this, and seeing pictures of sweet babies helps me remember.


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