Cycle 13, Day 1

So I started this post out, titled Cycle 12.  Then I looked at my handy-dandy table and realized that this is actually Cycle 13.  I’m so depressed and sad.  I’ve spent the day focusing on all that I have to be grateful for, which is a lot, but now, as it nears midnight and everyone is asleep but me, I’m going to let myself be very, very sad.

13.  So, over 1 year according to the “normal” time table.  And, here I am, on the other side of average (based on the idea that it takes the “average” couple 1 year to concieve, which means many couples take over 1 year).

I’ve bought some soy isoflavones to take this cycle.  I am going to do a bit more research and try them this time, days 2 – 6.  After that, I’ll stop and wait for the doctor’s appointment on Nov. 8, where I’ll finally start moving forward, with people actually believing me that something must be wrong or I’d be pregnant by now.

I almost wish that I were just “baby crazy”…

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