Cycle 11, Day 14, 2 (or 3) DPO

I think that I’m going to discontinue my membership to one of these fertility websites.  I just don’t think logging in and seeing others’ pregnancies or others’ miscarriages or others’ struggles is helping me anymore.  It just makes me feel obsessive and crazy.  I have like 30-something days left, which will finish out this cycle.  After this, I’m just going to go back to keeping track on my google calendar.

So, today, I’m either 2 or 3 DPO.  We have okay timing.  I think I’ve convinced myself that I’m not going to get pregnant, so I’m not very hopeful.  I try to give myself be positive lectures, but they don’t really help.  DH is starting to feel a little sad about it all, I think.

I told my friend from school yesterday.  I think maybe I shouldn’t have done that.  It will just be one more person to say “How’s it going…?”  And one more person I’ll have to tell, “I’m not pregnant yet.”

Obviously, not having an upbeat day today.

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