8 DPO, Cycle 10

Well, today, I’m 8 DPO on my tenth cycle.  I’ve read all these posts by all these people who say that by 8 DPO they felt strange.  I feel completely the same.  More tired, but I couldn’t sleep last night, so that has nothing to do with whether or not I am pregnant.

I took a test this morning, and of course, it was negative.  If I ever see a positive, I just might faint.  I keep trying to remind myself that the AVERAGE couple takes ONE YEAR to get pregnant.  I tell myself over and over again that we have about at 20% chance every month, which means we just haven’t been lucky yet.  I’m talking to my uterus and potential baby, telling them I’m here and that they’re loved and things will go well.

But I’m also very scared that this might never happen.  Why does 10 cycles seem like so many to me?  I need to be rational about this.


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