Cycle 10

So, I guess that technically I’m lucky to have short cycles (24-26 days).  I have more chances to get pregnant in a year.  So, I went off BC (Nuvaring) in November, on Thanksgiving, and have had 10 cycles since then, even though it’s only been 8 months.  My OB/GYN says to try for 12 months, not 12 cycles, so  I’ve already set up my November appointment, just in case.

I just read a story today about a lady who is pregnant after trying since April 2009, which means she’s pregnant after 16 months of trying.  She tried Clomid for 3 months and did not have success.  She was taking a break while she saved up for the HSG, and then PG.  That’s the kind of story I like to read.

So, I’m trying to stay positive and focused on losing weight and exercising and just hoping that I need more time.


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